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About Domain Experts Corporation (DEC)!

Background and History

The principals of the company had  been working in the Consulting and Executive Recruitment space for  several years, both in the US  and in the international arena.  Dealing with several Fortune 500 clients  they discovered that one of the  key elements missing  with most Executive Recruiters was the ability to  bring resources who possess not only in- depth  subject matter expertise in core business areas but also  had multi- disciplinary skills to take on higher management responsibilities.  Recruiting these kind of candidates  required strong domain knowledge of the industry and subject area on the Recruiters part and  the ability to screen candidates far beyond the conventional methods used by most Executive Recruiters.
Key People

Veena Ramachandran - Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
 Veena has extensive experience in Expert Consulting and Executive Search. She has several years of International experience with industry leading firms across different countries and geographies. Some of the areas she has worked on include Software, Infrastructure, Product Management, and Computer Hardware.

In the US she has a track record of building Consulting and Executive Search business with Fortune 500 Banks, Utilities, Investment Companies, Technology companies and Healthcare Organizations. Veena has worked for IBM, Tatas and leading software organizations. She has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and MBA's in Marketing and Finance. She also has an Advanced Management Program from Stanford University focused on High Technology Product Marketing.

Veena personally heads and directs the DEC Sales and Customer Care and is responsible for achieving and maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction. She is an Entrepreneur and a business builder. Over the past ten years she has built and sustained key and trusted relationships with Fortune 500 customers. The DEC motto is enabling customer success and Veena helps lay the foundation of this motto by focusing on and achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Bob White - Program Manager - Public Sector
 Bob handles the Public Sector Practice of DEC and works with several institutions to enable the success of their projects and programs.  Bob has a track record of  providing consulting services to  Federal, State and Local Government organizations.  

Bob has a Masters' Degree in Economics from Cal State and  has worked with   organizations like First consulting, CSC and IBM.
Rajan Bhojwani - Program Manager - Energy and Utility

 Rajan Bhojwani is an accomplished Program Manager and manages DEC's energy and utility practice.  He is responsible for building the business relationship with customers and is responsible for customer deliverable.  Whether it is a consulting engagement or an executive search engagement, Rajan is  the key customer contact.

 Rajan has a successful track record of working for consulting organizations in the energy and utility industries and brings his years of experience to help customers execute successful programs.
 Rajan has an Electrical Engineering Degree and an MBA.
Sara Thomas - Recruitment Manager

 DEC is primarily a people organization and Sara is a key people person and has over the years developed a unique skill of finding the right person for the right job.  Sara takes total responsibility for recruitment and has developed processes that make the experience a positive one for her clients and her candidates.

 Sara has a degree in HR from De Anza College and has worked with organizations like IBM, Acer America and Samsung.
Mary Schoenfield - Finance and Administration Manager

 Mary is the backbone of DEC and is a manager with attention for detail.  She manages the finance and accounting functions and contributes directly to the DEC core value of being fiscally responsible.  Maya also works with auditors, bankers and financiers to ensure that DEC is financially viable and in compliance with the laws.

 Mary comes with several years of experience from GE and is a Six Sigma Certified professional.
Motto Vision Mission     

Our motto of "Enabling Customer Success" is based on the fact that we play a catalyst role in customer engagements.  We are facilitators, enablers and take responsibility for a project / program and customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to achieve a "Diamond Standard in Customer Enablement".   It involves a positive customer experience from the initial solicitation to completion of an engagement.  Our goal is to measure Key Performance Indices leading to Key Result Areas that will attest our reaching and retaining this standard.

Our Mission is Helping Customers in their "Core Business Areas".  We focus on specific industries and their core business areas and develop our own organizational knowledge through  our domain experts, proactive research and industry interactions.  We thus understand the key drivers for those core business areas and are able to source and provide consulting and full time talent to address specialized needs.  

For example Quantitative Analysts in Investments, Energy & Utilities and Telecom play a key role in in the respective industries.  But the objectives for which they are hired  can be vastly different  as in Profit Maximization, Risk management and Increasing operational efficiency respectively.
Core Values

 Our core values are based on the fact that we have long term dealings with our customers. We understand their key business drivers and help them  accomplish their  key initiatives resulting in  a trusted business relationship.
Customer Focus – This is the reason we exist!  We enable success for our customers always playing a catalyst role.
Adaptability – is one of our key competitive differentiators.  We adapt to our customer needs and often enough grow with the customer using different models of engagement.  As an organization we adapt to  our customers' quality guidelines, code of ethics and organizational culture.
Transparency – helps us achieve a trusted customer relationship.  Our work demands a high level of competency and is often complex in nature.  Being transparent to our customers in the process we follow and executing a formal knowledge transfer at periodic intervals helps establish a high degree of trust and thus repeat business.
Integrity – to us is going beyond compliance with the law of the land. It is following a set of customer dictated and organizational ethics that we follow in letter and in spirit.
Fiscal Responsibility – is to ensure that we deliver customer value, live up to customer expectations and ensure that we make our mandated profit margins.  It is a tough standard but we strive to make it happen in every engagement.
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