Executive Search

Attract, enlist, retain and enhance top talent!
Our Executive Search Program (ESP) is uniquely positioned to help customers attract, enlist and retain exceptional talent.  Each of our principals has been involved with long term executive search with Fortune 500 organizations for highly specialized and C level positions. This makes us  uniquely qualified to help our customers recruit Key Executive Personnel.

One of the  key elements missing  with most Executive Recruiters is the ability to  bring resources who possess not only in- depth  subject matter expertise in core business areas but also  have multidisciplinary skills to take on higher management responsibilities.  Recruiting these kind of candidates  requires strong domain knowledge of the industry and subject area on the Recruiters part and  the ability to screen candidates far beyond the conventional methods used by most Executive Recruiters.

Talk to us to learn more about our unconventional methods that produce results!

I    Executive Search Program

 1.    Recruitment

 Our recruitment service involves engaging with our customer to develop a job specification, job background and understanding the strategic nature of the role.  We believe in providing the candidate a bigger picture and presenting the customer organization in a very positive light.

 2.    On-Boarding

 Once a Candidate is selected we engage in On-Boarding and facilitate the process to make it easy and pain free for the candidate and the customer.  We also have purpose built templates, checklists and questionnaires to conduct background checks, reference checks and check the candidates' competency by looking for corroborative evidence.

 3.    Benchmarks

 As part of an ongoing exercise we conduct benchmarks on salary, job role, responsibility, performance measurements etc.  The benchmarks help our customers refine their compensation plans, hiring process, retention and talent enhancement.

 We also carry out benchmarks for internal candidates comparing them to their peers in the industry in terms of experience, skills, competency and knowledge to take up higher positions.

 4.    Talent Management

 At Domain Experts Corporation we believe in contributing to the strategic and long term success of our customers.  We thus provide on going talent management services including but not limited to     
  • Enterprise Talent Inventory and Assessment
  • Performance Evaluation process Development
  • Compensation and Promotion Guidelines development
  • Talent Enhancement
  5.     Compensation Management

We subscribe to and study the compensation trends in the industries we serve.  This helps our customer keep abreast of new compensation methods especially performance based compensation plans.  We can thus help develop
  • Basic compensation plans for experts
  • Performance based compensation plans
  • Team compensation plans
  • Group bonus plans
6.    Custom Research

 We help our customers research specific subject areas like compensation trends, industry trends, legal compliance, lobbying forums and social comments.  

We help our customers plan and execute Executive Retention Programs

Given the complexity of today's business environment, our customers task us with some unique requests.

II    Engagement Models

 1.    Retained Search

 DEC is best positioned to help customers under this engagement model.  Under this model  we can help customers recruit highly skilled candidates with proven track records.
Our executives understand the  customer organization in detail  as well as the job profile and the larger picture of fit into the organization. We are then able to bring a rich pool of highly skilled candidates for each search. The candidates themselves get a very positive picture of the customer organization and are keen on taking up the position. We enable the recruitment process to be a positive, easy and seamless experience for hiring managers and candidates.
Contact us to understand more about our  unique candidate databases , Six Sigma based recruitment process and  retention techniques.  

 2.    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

 Best suited for organizations having a continuous need for expert talent and who recruit at a given level and progress them to higher responsibilities.  For example quantitative analysts with with advanced degrees.

 3.    Contingency Search

 Best suited for new customers who evaluate our quality of service before engaging us for a retained search exercise.

 4.    Team Search and Team Set Up

 Team dynamics are unique and organizations looking for people who work well together engage us for this kind for work.  We specialize in sourcing people who have a successful team track record.
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