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One of  our key strengths is our validated purpose built databanks of industry leading experts in our customer's core business areas . The databanks have been built up over a decade , based on trusted relationships with our candidates .   Brief glimpse at some of our candidates . Contact us for more detailed resumes or to discuss your open positions

 I. Executive and C Level management

 Board of Director  Level candidates  :   

1. Board of Director level candidate - Experienced in Mobile Technologies,  E- Commerce, Payment Solutions,  Information  Security,  Cyber Security,  Financial Services. Currently on Board of Directors of  several companies. Experience in both Fortune 500 and start ups. Cyber security team of leading National agencies.

2.  Board Risk and Governance - Highly experienced in Risk management and Governance across Energy and Financial Services.  CRO   for Fortune 500  Energy company. Board of Directors of Energy companies

 II. C level Management  :

1.  CEO - Background in  Executive Management in Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Management Consulting

2. CIO - Energy and Regulatory  Background  :  Leader with trach record of  successfully implementing numerous multi-million projects  spanning Energy,  Enterprise Application Integration ( EAI) , SOA,  Customer Care, Regulatory, SAP  and SOX .

3. CIO-  Insurance and Healthcare : Leader with experience in Healthcare and Insurance . Large Legacy conversion projects

4. CFO - Technology and  Financial Services - Track record of Executive management experience in leading Technology and Financial Institutions .

5, CRO - Highly experienced Risk Management professional with wide gamut of experience in Energy, Financial Services and Management consulting.

Industry and Domain Experts :

1. Energy

 Subject Matter Experts  (SME'S) and industry experts in

a.  Energy Procurement,  Contracts,  Conventional, Renewables  :   Expert in M&A, Due Diligence, Finance, Asset Management, Contracts , Power, Gas, Solar , Wind , Renewables .

b. Trading and Risk management :  Senior Executive with Front office, Middle Office, Trading, Market Risk Mananagement, Credit Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, Hedging

c. Principal Engineers : (P.E.)  with experience in Nuclear,  
-P.E. with HydroElectric,  
- P.E. with experience  in  Process Improvements, Performance Measurement.
- P.E with experience in Water Districts and Water utilities

Contact us for a complete list of our Energy Industry Experts and Areas of Expertise

2. Government :

1. Public Transit - Executive Management candidate with expertise in managing large Public Transit agency.  
-Senior Engineer with experience in Public Transit

2. City Government - City Manager level candidate with several years of experience in City Management,
-Public works  Engineer ,
- Floodwater management expert.

3. State Government: Operational and Business  Management  Consultant with experience in Funds Management.

Contact us for our  complete list of Government Agency experts.

3. Technology :

a.  Developers and Architects- Engineers   with experience in Android applications, ioS, Ruby on Rails, Django, REST API
b. Product marketing  - Candidate with experience in Product marketing, Positioning and Competitive Analysis
c. Technology industry Director - IT with experience in Semi Conductors .

Contact us for our complete list of Technology  Industry Experts and Engineers

4. Financial Services

Subject Matter and Industry Experts in

a. Banks - Specialist in Risk and Governance experience in banks,
- Specialist in Customer Insights, Increasing wallet share,
-Cyber security specialist with extensive experience in banks

b. Pension Funds :  - Executive management candidate with  experience as a Chief Investment Officer ( CIO)
- Senior Portfolio manager  candidates with experience in  three  asset classes,
- Technology Portfolio manager

Contact us for a complete list of our Finance Industry Experts and Areas of Expertise.

5. Specialized Consulting :

1. Market Research and Focus Groups - Candidate  with over two decades of Market Research, Ethnography, Focus groups   across multiple industries

2. Diversity and Inclusion -  Consultant with over 15 years of experience in Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Resource Groups ( ERG), Diversity Recruiting , Diversity leadership in multiple organizations

3. Competitive Intelligence Program Manager- Competitive Intelligence Program manager for Technology Vertical - part of a global marketing team- collect, segment, analyze and disseminate information to pre-specified audiences on the various competing and complementary products and services in the market.

Contact us for their resumes .

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