Marketing Services

Enhance the value of your Marketing Programs!

DEC Marketing Services Program is a metrics and feedback enabled program that helps our customers with Product / Service Marketing; Marketing Communications and Social Media Services.  The following table gives a detailed listing of our services.

Product Marketing Marketing Communications Social Media 
Competitive Intelligence Enterprise Messaging Strategy
Building Customer Case Studies Collateral Development Operating Protocol
Building References Web Design and Development Analytics
Synchronous Development White Paper / Position Paper authoring Response Protocol 
Customer Feedback Development and Maintenance of Blogs Feedback Management
Product Positioning Search Engine Optimization Qualitative Research
Product Pricing Intranet / Extranet Communications Focus Groups
Product Catalog Development Low Cost Publicity and PR Surveys
Quote and Proposal System Web Master Services Panels
Marketing Analytics Campaign Management Social Media Policy

Product / Service Marketing

DEC Product Marketing is delivered as a full service or as an augmentation program.  We partner with our customer’s team and align ourselves to the goals and objectives defined by our customers.  We engage with our customers in the minutest possible details.

Marketing Communications

Continuity and measuring the effectiveness of Marketing Communications is a challenge to most large organizations.  Further a solution that works for one organization may not work the same way for another organization of exactly the same size in the same business.

We in DEC realize this and have a purpose built business process framework to handle Marketing Communications and more importantly measuring its effectiveness based on business results.

Social Media Services

Social Media is here to stay and as the days go by more and more offerings in the social media space are announced as are the diverse service offerings.  At DEC our philosophy is to understand the organizational objectives and develop a social media strategy that is in alignment with the goals.

We use social media to
  • Help our customers communicate with stake holders
  • Enable our customers gain insights and actionable inputs on social media using advanced tools
  • Leverage social media for strategic advantages like case deflection, opinion polling, call to action
Customer Benefits
  1. Pre-designed templates to quickly get started on any activity
  2. Program readiness assessment using a structured questionnaire
  3. Pay as you progress contract model with no long term commitments
  4. Enterprise Class Services by professionals with a successful track record.
  5. Development and management of reusable marketing assets.
  6. Development and management of a long term Marketing Communications Strategy
Qualitative Research / Marketing Research

  • The DEC Qualitative Research Program (QRP) is a program that helps our customers research audiences (customers, partners, suppliers, employees, students, subscribers, riders, general public  etc.)
  • Specifically Qualitative Research is a method of inquiry that aims to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior.
  • The qualitative method investigates the why and how of audience actions, not just what, where, when.
  • Qualitative Research Methods typically use smaller focused samples to conduct the research.
  • QRP is ideal for any large organization  that deals with a large audience base and seeks to analyze sentiments, opinions and stances of its audiences on specific issues.  The organization in question identifies the antecedents that prompted the research exercise and provides the outcome they expect.  DEC consultants design the research program, execute it and provide published results and presentation artifacts to support the facts and the conclusions.
  • The DEC QRP is custom designed for a given organization and can be built into a continuum and comes pre-built with its own knowledge base, standards and best practices.
  • The program follows a defined workflow and process and is customized for a given organization.  Depending on the objectives DEC consultants define a specific type of research and methodologies that define the outcome of the research.  The design is typically presented to the customer and the execution of the research commences thereafter.
  • DEC typically maintains an online knowledge-base for each customer to enable the creation of a Qualitative Research continuum.  A research continuum helps our customers reference earlier research exercises in the context of the current research.



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Brand & Strategy Studies


Online focus groups

Concept Life cycle Management


Online Survey tools

Corporate/Brand Equity/Imagery



Disparity Studies


GoTo Meeting



Data and Analytics Tools

Focus Groups Asynchronous


Sentiment Analytics Systems

Focus Groups Synchronous

Public (Impacted)

Text Analytics Systems

In-person Interviews

Public (Non-Impacted)

Visual Literacy Methods

Mobile Response Methods


Statistical Methods

New Product Lifecycle Management


Game Theory based systems

Online Discussion Boards



Online Media Management



Opinion Polling



Packaging & Visuals Development



Product / Program / Service Impact Studies



Qualitative Mining



Quantative Analysis



Remote Interviews



Social Media Engagement Strategy



Social Media Impact Studies






Usability Studies



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